Thursday, April 10, 2003


I always thought the devil and angel on your shoulders was only in cartoons-- badly torn between the idea of taking the Foreign Service Exam and probably having to tow the Bush administration line and going to TRASHIONALS.

One, Bush is evil. But I would be working for Colin Powell. But he's going to get out as soon as he tactfully can.But at least I'd have a real job.


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I have a little time to post things, so here it goes:

"DC Department of Motor Vehicles Director Sherryl Hobbs Newman is leaving the job this month to become secretary of the District, administration officials said. The largely ceremonial position is in the mayor's office."
Washington Post 040803

There isn't any symbolism here at all. No sir!

From the same page:

Fire Companies to Raffle a Gun a Day

Four volunteer fire companies in Frederick County plan to raffle off a gun a day next year as prizes in a calendar-based fundraiser.

The 366 winning numbers-- 2004 is a leap year-- will be drawn nightly in the Maryland State Lottery's Pick 4 game.

"If this thing goes over well, the four fire companies involved plan on continuing doing this thing on an annual basis," Roy Lipscomb, chief of the Brunswick Volunteer Fire Co. said yesterday. The other volunteer fire companies involved in the effort are those of Emmitsburg, Jefferson, and Wolfsville.

The raffle meets legal requirements. The fire companies have obtained a permit from the Frederick County Permits and Inspections Office, which doesn't stipulate the prizes allowed in raffles. And the lottery numbers are in the public domain.

Remember when the Fire Department was supposed to keep people safe?

oop-- got to go. Much more later.