Thursday, January 08, 2004

The Bush Administration: The model of financial responsibility....

The United States is running up a foreign debt of such record-breaking proportions that it threatens the financial stability of the global economy, according to a report released Jan 6. by the IMF, noting the rising U.S. budget deficit and ballooning trade imbalance. The report warns that the United States' net financial obligations to the rest of the world could be equal to 40 percent of its total economy within a few years-"an unprecedented level of external debt for a large industrial country," according to the fund, that could play havoc with the value of the dollar and international exchange rates.

(From the Global Development Briefing for January 8, 2004-- Published by The Development Executive Group)

Sunday, January 04, 2004

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything—too long. And, you know me, I’ve got a few (thousand) thoughts and ideas scribbled down on little scraps of paper…..

Time to do some… well—whatever the digital equivalent of scribbling is…

Happy Birthday to two great people!

We're just coming up to a state holiday in Borealum as its favorite son and Answer Guy is getting just a little bit wiser than before. Happy Birthday, Tim!!! :-)

And warm wishes go out to another friend, this time a chick-- or should I say Rotisserie Gold? ;-) Happy Birthday Michele!!