Friday, November 07, 2003

Things have been absolutely crazy these last few days-- should have a few hours or so to breathe a little..

Got to hear the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni tonight at the "premiere" of the new travelogue he has produced with the help of the Discovery Channel. Of course, things were swept up and they only gave the most optimistic view of his rule and country but his time in power actually hasn't been all that bad for the Ugandans. (He came to power in a coup overthrowing Idi Amin but has now held generally free and fair elections.)

It should be showing on the Travel Channel in mid-December sometime. It's well done-- but don't let his role as the gruff guerilla leader and African head of state fool you-- he's really funny!

Going to crash soon, but this warranted a mention:

The German Post Office and Weltbild, a German publishing company, have teamed up to provide "witching hour delivery service" for the next German installment in the Harry Potter series. German Harry Potter fans can sign up for a service that will have the book delivered to their homes at the witching hour-- midnight-- of the day it is released to the public (Nov. 8).

No word yet on how many owls they're going to employ....