Monday, June 26, 2006

This was just too good not to share with people:

From a British Parish Magazine:

After his cat got stuck in a tree, a minister in South Africa decided to mount a rescue operation. He climbed a ladder as far as he could, tied one end of a piece of rope to the tree's narrow trunk and attached the other end to his car bumper.

As he drove forward, the inevitable happened. The rope broke, catapulting the little kitty into space.

A couple of weeks later, the minister was in the supermarket where he saw one of his parishoners buying cat food. "I didn't know you had a cat," he told the parishoner.

"Minister--it's quite a miracle, really. About two weeks ago, I was having picnic on our lawn with my daughter. She said, 'Mummy, I'd really like to have a cat.' I told her she'd have to ask Jesus for one.

At that very moment, this cat came flying through the air, and landed on the lawn. It has been with us ever since."

From a November 1998 episode of The News Quiz, produced by the BBC.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The other night I dreamt of a parallel world where American cowboys from the great plains and Kiwis (New Zealanders) had discovered a portal to an uninhabited largely old west/badlands-style parallel universe and had gotten themselves into a nuclear standoff with material stolen from the "real world" and assisted by the former-Soviet Russian nuclear engineers everyone is speculating is now working for terrorists.

It sounds like the plot for a c-level sci-fi movie or book. But I scratch my head as to what it means for my psyche.

Maybe I should lay off Cold War military strategy as a subject for bedtime reading.