Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I'm glad this story is finally percolating up through the Western media but it has hit a brick wall of late--

Trial Could Dredge Up Sordid Role of US (in Iraq)

I'm looking for the transcripts of American officials commenting on the Halabja chemical weapons attack-- surprising nobody has brought those up in view of recent events...

And it's also interesting that Bill Frist is the recipient of this ricin attack, or whatever it turns out to be ...
Why him and (apparently) only him? There are plenty of more government officials that would give extremists on any side more "bang for the buck" without running into that much security. Frist has kept a relatively low-profile and am just confused as to why this is happening to him specifically instead of a more random or high-profile target.

(as a disclaimer, I have friends who work in the Senate offices that have been evacuated and am therefore extremely serious in my condemnation of this and any other terrorist attack)