Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I had a good time at a reception at the Chinese Embassy this evening. The ambassador made a good speech, the "cultural presentation" (film) was interesting, and they had a very good spread of Chinese food-- prawns, marinated beef, lots of fruit, fruit dumplings (all very delicious) and........ waffles. There were inch-square pieces of what looked and tasted like commercially produced waffles with little dabs of butter on top. It wasn't bad-- just different. Still strange seeing a platter of waffle pieces surrounded by dinner foods...

And as I was walking back to the metro from the embassy, I saw something that literally made me do a double-take. Imagine walking by a bus stop and seeing the following ad out of the corner of your eye:

Enjoy Better Sex!
Legalize and Tax Marijuana!

If you don't believe me, follow the link.

Speaking about marijuana-- read this story about how government-produced marijuana in Canada has been rejected by the terminally ill patients for which it was grown-- on the basis of its quality.

Going to find some hatches to batten down before Hurricane Isabel gets here....