Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Here's some great cultural insight with a slight undercurrent of self-deprecation. The same format as Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a Redneck" crossed with the responses Jay Leno gets in his 'Jaywalking' bits (for American audiences) but the circumstances talked about here are much less negative. If you have any connection to Russian culture or politics, you've got to read this! Inspired!

If you are Russian....

My little nephew Zachary and my mom, March 6, 2006. Isn't he cute!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Here is a great article I saw in the March edition of The Hill Rag (from the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC) written by a great guy who introduced me to my current boss. He's a very good guy-- and very funny!

The article is entitled "The Life of A Capitol Hill Rodent" describing his experiences with the titular animals. Read the whole article here.

Some of his final thoughts are as follows:

If you have a problem with mice, feel free to use these handy tips. I call them the 2006 Secrets of NIMH:
• Hill mice have an IQ higher than most Members of Congress, but less than most Supreme Court Justices – know where your intelligence falls on this scale.
• Hill mice are leaner and do not fit in standard traps. They have a group membership at one of the Hill gyms. Lobby to have their membership revoked.
• Hill mice prefer whole grains over processed ones. They were never after me Lucky Charms.
• Choosy mothers choose Jif, but Hill mice prefer Skippy extra chunky or any honey roasted peanut butter. Soy butter is not really enjoyed by anyone.
• As for a subscription to the Theory of Evolution or Intelligent Design - I do not know where they are published, so I cannot help you.